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October 28-31, 2018
XXIX Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering Incorporating the 68th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2018
Toronto, ON, CA
69th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2019
Halifax, NS, CA
70th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2020
Ottawa, ON, CA


Honouree: Symposium in Memory of Khaled Belkacemi - A Journey across Food & Chemical Engineering Dyad. Research efforts in Dr. Belkacemi’s laboratory were directed to Agri-food Engineering, with particular emphasis around the improvement of technologies of existing processing and/or the development of new technologies.

Massimo Morbidelli, professor of Chemical Reaction Engineering at the Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, to give plenary talk "From Polymer Colloids to Structured Materials". 


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